Information about the service utility location service helps you to avoid damage to networks in excavation works. The service delivers to digger a utility location document with network maps. You can also request cable marking for the networks we serve. As a network owner, you can track and manage cable lookup requests and cable markings.

The service is free to the excavator and full functionality requires registration as a user. We will activate new users within approximately one business day.

Joining the service will enhance your operations on utility location inquiries, cable marking jobs and joint excavations.

Network owners have three alternative service levels: Contact information level (Bronze), Self-service level (Silver) or Full service level (Gold). Read more about service levels on network owner-page. Contact us for further information of the contents of each service level. Network owner, sign a profitable service contract and direct all inquiries of your underground structures to the -service.

Before you dig

To start excavation you will need utility location inquiries and permission to start excavation.

Note: is a tool to locate cables/ducts. Permission to start excavation is always needed from the land owner. (common area licenses are usually granted by municipality/city and on road area usually by road area owner).

You can also conduct a cable lookup request on your android mobile device.

Look at instructions videos:

Register as digger

Utility location inquiry on the excavation site

Register as network owner and editing area information

Editing contact and area information for network owner

Ordering a cable marking and markers activities


The service works best with a modern web browser. We encourage our users to always keep their browsers and operating systems up to date.
If vertexes disappear while drawing excavation area, click mouse on top the area. After this vertex symbols reappear and you can modify area.