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Emergency cable marking

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This is how you make a utility location query and order a cable marking

What is utility location service helps you to avoid damage to networks in excavation works. The service delivers to digger a utility location document with network maps. You can also request cable marking for the networks we serve. As a network owner, you can track cable lookup requests and cable markings. You can also conduct a cable lookup request on your android mobile device.

The service is free to the excavator and full functionality requires registration as a user. We will activate new users within approximately one business day.

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• 10.01.2020 We will have a minor update on terms of service on January 30, 2020. Click for more details.
• 01.04.2019 Updated terms of use since 30.3.2019. Read more here.
• 11.01.2019 New customers joined cable lookup service in 2018: MPY Palvelut, Sipoon Vesi, Hollolan Valokuitu, Kuhmoisten Laajakaista Oy, Hanhijärven Valokuituosuuskunta, Bothnia Broadband AB Oy, Äänekosken Energia ja vesi as well as Itä-Savon Vesi Oy.

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